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Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates offers Dysport® for cosmetic improvement of the lines between the eyebrows. Dysport, like Botox® and Jeuveau, is an injectable neuromodulator derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A, but it has its own specific set of characteristics and advantages. 

How Dysport and Botox Differ

Although both products are derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A, they have different manufacturing processes, which leads to different potencies. About 2.5 units of Dysport equals 1 unit of Botox in terms of effective action.

Another difference is the areas that the product is FDA-approved for. At this time, Dysport is FDA-approved for treatment of moderate-to-severe glabellar lines, the lines between your eyebrows that are also sometimes called furrow lines. Botox is also FDA-approved for other areas, including the crow's feet around the eyes and the horizontal lines on the forehead. 

Dysport and Botox are very similar in many ways, but because Botox has been on the market for longer it's already FDA-approved for more areas of the face. In the future, Dysport could very likely be approved to treat other parts of the face, just as Botox is.


Before and After

Should I Choose Dysport For My Frown Lines?

Dysport can be an excellent choice for frown lines, whether they're just starting to show or are already fairly deeply set. Although everyone can have a different experience with neuromodulators, some studies suggest that Dysport may have an earlier onset time than Botox. Also, many patients say that Dysport lasts longer than Botox, but others say it's about the same in terms of longevity. It's best to try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. 

How Does Dysport Treatment Work?

Your experienced aesthetic injector at Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates assesses your face before treatment by asking you to frown and make other expressions and observing your muscle movement carefully. By doing this evaluation, your injector can determine exactly how many units of Dysport you'll need to get an optimal result. The Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates team is always focused on using only the necessary amount, which ensures that you'll get a natural-looking result. 

They'll administer a short series of injections, following a "V" shape between your eyes, with a carefully measured amount of Dysport to relax your muscles. Because the Dysport needle is ultra-thin and your injector uses a gentle method of easing it into your skin, this process is typically relatively painless. You don't even need any anesthesia for Dysport injections, but if you have very sensitive skin cold packs or topical anesthesia are available. 

After your Dysport treatment, you might have some minor redness and pinprick marks in the treatment area, both of which tend to fade away within hours. You can return to your normal daily routine right away after Dysport treatment. More than half of Dysport patients notice an improvement in glabellar lines within just 2-3 days of their treatment. Within a week, you'll see the full effect of your Dysport injections. 

Dysport Longevity: What to Expect

According to studies published by Galderma Laboratories, Dysport may improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe lines between your eyebrows for as much as 5 months at a time. If you want to maintain a smooth glabellar area long-term, you can schedule new Dysport treatments at Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates two to three times a year. 

Dysport and Other Aesthetics Treatments: A Great Combo!

One of the big advantages of Dysport and other neuromodulators is that they work extremely well in combination with other aesthetics treatments. This is important because while neuromodulators like Dysport are amazing, they can't do it all. 

If you've got deep facial folds, hollowed cheeks, or other facial wrinkles related to collagen depletion, a neuromodulator isn't the right solution -- but a dermal filler like Restylane® or Juvéderm® could be ideal because it gently and subtly lifts skin volume to former levels. Another option is treatments like Pellevé® or Ultherapy®, which encourage your body to produce its own new collagen. 

Dysport works very well in conjunction with both dermal fillers and natural skin-tightening treatments. In fact, if you're worried about both between-brow frown lines and facial volume loss, you can get both Dysport and a treatment to restore facial volume in the same appointment at Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates.

Ready to learn about the advantages of Dysport first-hand? The Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates team is here to help whenever you're ready to say goodbye to your frown lines, so just call the office to book your Dysport appointment today!