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Better vision for life

Imagine your life without glasses or contacts…

  • Play football with your buddies or wrestle with your kids
  • Stop misplacing reading glasses, driving glasses, computer glasses, and prescription sunglasses
  • Read the alarm clock in the middle of the night without fumbling
  • Avoid uncomfortable contacts, eye drops, and expensive contact lens solutions

You deserve better vision and freedom from glasses and contacts, and laser vision correction with CustomVue™ Lasik may be the answer.

People of all ages can enjoy the results of this life-changing, quick and usually pain-free procedure that can dramatically improve your vision within 24 hours.

The new standard in laser vision correction, CustomVue™ Lasik, uses Wavefront-guided technology originally developed to reduce distortion in high-powered telescopes. This technology measures imperfections and produces a detailed map of the eye.

This digital information is transferred to the laser, resulting in unmatched precision and accuracy customized for each person.

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More about Laser Vision Correction (LASIK)

LASIK is a popular surgical alternative to glasses and contact lenses. It has major advantages over alternative treatments, primarily the speed of observable results and a relative lack of pain.

LASIK is short for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, which is roughly translated to mean ‘laser used on the cornea.’

How LASIK works

The first step of the LASIK process is a small incision made in the cornea, which is then lifted and a laser is used to remove and reshape the tissue underneath. After the cornea is reshaped to maximize light intake, the incision is closed. The result is more precisely focused light onto the retina, which results in much clearer vision.

Both near and far sightedness can be helped with this procedure, as well as any abnormalities in the shape of the cornea, known as astigmatism.

Discerning whether or not LASIK is appropriate is a simple process. A specialist checks the health of the eye, the amount of current tissue, and what kind of treatment is required. If there is any evidence of dry eye disease, this must be corrected before proceeding.

The procedure itself takes less than 10 minutes, and a local anesthetic eye drop is used. Sometimes a mild sedative can be taken as well. A brace is placed over the eye to prevent accidental blinking, though this is not painful. The eye is kept pressurized using this device, to allow the surgery to take place.

A target light is set up for the eye to focus on while the laser performs the operation. This is done quickly, and does not cause any pain. Sometimes there is an odor as the tissue is removed, but this is entirely normal. Both eyes are usually done on the same day.

Medication can be prescribed post-operation, but this is usually not necessary, as most patients feel no pain, and occasionally only mild discomfort. In nearly all cases, the results are clear within hours, but rarely the results are visible in up to a few weeks.

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